At the origin was my Mother, who came from San Miniato, not the district of Florence, but the small village in Tuscany.
That's where it all began. After joining forces with my Father, that "hero with a smile..." she gave birth to me. Both of them were painters. My mother, who had studied Fine Arts, liked to show my father that she painted according to the rules of art, while my father, who was self-taught, liked to respect the rules of art because he had an instinctive perception of them.
All this ended up making me a bit of a Grinch and helped me to decide on my own which way to go... After many detours in the bowels of the unconscious I finally found my way through medieval inspired representations, and feminine beauty.
A mixture of drawing, acrylic painting and digital photography allows me to create images that finally resemble what my dreams offer me. In fact, very early on I had the perception of the road that Life was going to offer me, which is fortunate because I did not need ambition to get there.
Because ambition doesn't help you find your way.

Krishnamurti: "The function of education is to make you discover your path. The ambitious person is the one who has not found his true calling; if he had found it, he would have no more ambition."
Claude LATRY

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